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  1. What is andalusia-web?

  2. Where does the information come from?

  3. How up-to-date is the information?

  4. What does travel service mean?

  5. How does the travel service work?

  6. How do I pay for the service once I have obtained it?

What is andalusia-web?

Andalusia-web is a virtual travel guide, which promotes the region of Andalusia with the aim of interesting the website visitor in a holiday in Andalusia. 
Andalusia-web is also a travel agency. We advise tourists in advance, plan individual holidays, book accommodation, cars, sport and other activities and contact special travel programmes offered by small but select agencies. More information can be found in the travel service pages.

Where does the information come from?

Our most important data source is private research (literature, brochures, internet a.o.). Many of the towns described here have been visited by us and also most of the round trips are based on our own travel experience.

How up-to date is the information?

We bring information continually and add anything new. We consider our website to be a work on progress and aim to create new sections and enlarge already existing themes.

What does travel service mean?

Andalusia-web offers a travel service provision mainly online and bases on our personal attention.The client sends us an inquiry using the contact form in which he tells us his wishes and questions. Then we transmit the according information to the client, advising him on any planned journey to Andalusia and - having got his agreement - book accomodation, cars, tickets and special activities. Furthermore, we connect the client with special offers of other providers within the tourism sector, such as adventure holidays or cultural activities.

How does the travel service work?


You send us an inquiry - best by inquiry form form -, we answer you at your e-mail address. In this more personal way we clarify your interests before we receive any request.


We confirm your orders by e-mail or fax and begin to contact the local providers (hotels etc.) for you.


After having made all reservations, we send you a detailed confirmation about your accommodations, rent-a-car, tickets, activities etc.


We are reachable during your journey through Andalusia by phone and e-mail.

How do I pay for the service once I have obtained it?


Together with the first confirmation (see above step No.2) we send you a bill for our services. You pay this ideally by transfer into our current account. 
The costs of most accommodation, car rental fee, tickets etc. must not be settled in advance! Once arriving at your respective destinations according to the fixed conditions (as for instance the arriving hour limit) you pay these costs to the local host, agency etc. This permits you to change your plans even during your journey without misspending your money.


As soon as we receive payment, we send the client a second confirmation with the outstanding details (complete reservation list, names, addresses, phone and fax numbers of the local partners) and a receipt.

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