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Sun, colourful houses and fine sandy beaches

The small Moorish foundation of "Al-Mariyya" got its name htrough its long bay with wide beaches - it means "mirror of the sea". In the back country ther rise mountains, alternating with a dry, desertlike landscape. Its history was marked by various Arab dynasties until in 1489 the Christians conquered the harbour town an from now on defended the shore the attacks of berber pirates.



- Cathedral
- Alcazaba
- Feria (August)



Short description


Today Almería (188,810 inhabitants in 2009) is the capital of the province and an important place for tourism and agriculture. Its privileged situation as the sunshine region of Andalusia even permits the installation of huge solar plants for the production of electricity.



Main sights to visit

Alcazaba - tripartite Arab fortification on a hill above the town. Good views from its tower over the large bay. 
Cathedral - unique fortified church, constructed during the 16th century. Façade and doorway in Renaissance style, and the interior is Gothic.

Iglesia de Santiago - small church from the 16th century with a beautiful Renaissance door and a Romanic tower.
Puerta de Purchena - square in the centre of the old town with many buildings in modern style from the early 2oth century.

Archaeological Museum - historical archive with Phoenician, Greek and Moorish exhibits.

La Chanca quarter - located below the Alcazaba, famous for its coloured cubic houses and cave houses. Typical quarter, many gypsies and fishermen with their families are still to be found living there.



Los Millares - archaeological sites in an ancient settlement from the bronze age (approx. 2700-1800 BC). Located 20 km/18 miles north of Almería (by the roads A 32 und die A 348).

Mini Hollywood - 30 km/18 miles north of Almería in the middle of the desert you can visit the Wild West Film Set of Mini-Hollywood. 

Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park - located east of Almería. Of volcanic origin, it entegrates part of the coastline and part of the interior. 

Touristic infrastructure


Tourist information
- Parque Nicolás Salmerón
- C/Gerona 18
- Avda. de las Adelfas

Traffic connections
International airport (approx. 12 km/8 miles) on the coastal road to the east.

Trains (RENFE) to Granada, Madrid, Córdoba

Motorway to Murcia/Alicante; National routes to Málaga, Granada/Jaén; Local roads to the Alpujarras/Sierra Nevada.

Ships to Melilla. Spain's North African enclave.

Aprox. 20 hotels und hostels of different categories and prices.

Hotel check: 

Tapas bars


Theatre events: Auditorio Municipal Maestro Padilla and Teatro Cervantes

In the streets "Calle de las Tiendas", "Rambla de Obispo Orbera" and "Paseo de Almería".



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