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Place of the three cultures -
Great Mosque and narrow streets

The birth place of the Roman philosopher Seneca became in 929 the capital of the Caliphate (Moorish kingdom) on spanish territory and thus a big rival of Bagdad. Jewish, Arabic and Christian culture co-existed peacefully here for a short while and contributed to an enormous advanve in science and philosophy.
The original mood can be experienced best in the medieval quarter around the Great Mosque.



In May:
- Crosses of May
Patio Contest
- May Fair 



Short description


The former capital of the mighty Caliphate is now the quiet capital of the province of Córdoba. From more than a million inhabitants in the 10th century it has shrunk to 328,430 today (2009). The city is located on the Guadalquivir river (named by the Arabian "Wadi-al-Kebir" = big river). It lies in the fertile Campiña, home of vineyards and olive groves.

Main sights to visit

Mezquita – Catedral – the former mosque with a Christian cathedral built in its middle is considered a "site of world heritage". Inside it is still decorated with a large number of arches (856) and columns, while its exterior was built like a fortress
Judería – the old Jewish quarter close to the Mezquita with winding, narrow streets such as the Calleja de las Flores, the old Synagogue and the Bullfight Museum.
Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos – built by the Christians as a fortress with wonderful gardens
Torre de la Calahorra - Moorish fort, reconstructed in the 14th century on the other side of the Roman Bridge.
Today the Museum vivo de Al-Andaluz.

Museo Arqueológico Provincial - Roman, Visigothic and Arab exhibits. The museum has its location in an ancient Renaissance palace
Plaza de la Constitución (Plaza de la Corredera) - plaza (17th century) with arcade structure, formerly used for bullfights
Palacio de Viana – noble mansion with 12 courtyards and several gardens.
Ruins of a Roman Temple – close to the town hall
Museo de Bellas Artes – art museum in the former Charity Hospital located on the Plaza del Potro. Exhibits of the Andalusian Baroque
Museo Julio Romero de Torres – works of the Cordovan painter in the house of his birth

Various churches of the 13th century: Santa Marina de Aguas Santas, San Pablo, San Miguel, San Nicolás de la Villa, San Lorenzo.



Medina Azahara (Medinat al-Zahra) – partly restored palace city built on three terraces during the Caliphate period.

Located almost 8 kms/5 miles west of Córdoba (road C-431).

"Las Ermitas" – former monastic settlement, various hermitages and a church. First inhabited in the 4th century. Located 7 kms/4 miles north. (local road to Villaviciosa).

Route of the Caliphate - from Córdoba passing the Sierras Subbéticas, Alcalá la Real and some smaller villages of the Granadian Vega reaching finally Granada.

Touristic infrastructure

Tourist information
Torrijos 10
Plaza de Judá Levi

Traffic connections
Railway station "Ctra. Conde de Guadalhorce" with AVE (= High speed train) from/to Madrid and Seville.

Trains (RENFE) to Málaga, Granada, Algeciras
Motorways to Seville, Jaén/Madrid
Local roads to Granada, Málaga, Extremadura/Portugal

Airport (Llanos del Castillo): exclusively for private charter flights
More than 70 hotels and hostels of different categories and prices
Hotel check: 
Tapas bars
many possibilities in the Jewish Quarter , e.g. Plaza del Potro and Plaza de la Corredera. Speciality of Córdoba: Salmorejo (Cream, based on the famous "Gazpacho").
A lot of very good restaurants, influenced by the Arab kitchen. Ask for:
: "Cola de toro" (braised bulltail).
Opera and music events: Gran Teatro
Flamenco shows

Botanical garden and zoo

Horse and riding shows: "Caballerizas Reales"

Main shopping streets and places: Plaza de las Tendillas: José Cruz Conde, Conde de Gondomar

Silver filigree work
can be found all around the Mezquita

Leather studios in the Calleja de las Flores

Local craft market "Zoco Municipal de Artesanía" close to the Mezquita

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