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Arcos de la F. Baeza & Úbeda Carmona Jerez de la F. Ronda




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The treasures of the Renaissance

Already their Roman builders and later the Moorish rulers appreciated the location of the tiny villages on the route between the Castilian region and Andalusia. Conquered by the Christians during the first half of the 13th century, the region became an important support for the Spanish crown especially under Charles V and Philip II in the 16th century.



- Cathedral (B)
- Palaces
- Old part (U)




General information


Just 8 kms/5 miles apart and surrounded by the valleys of the Guadalquivir and the Guadalimar river, the "sister villages" Baeza and Úbeda lie amidst the region of "La Loma". The landscape is dominated by the typical large olive groves and the Sierra Mágina Nature Park in the south. Baeza, the smaller village, is also the seat of an international summer university.


To visit

(16,000 inhabitants)

Cathedral – great Renaissance monument with a Gothic Tower. Inside there is a remarkable high altar.

Jabalquinto palace
– a combination of Gothic façade, Baroque staircase und Renaissance "patio" (courtyard).
Old University – today a school house with a well worth seeing patio.

Plaza del Pópulo – nice square located near the ancient city wall enclosed by Renaissance buildings and the "Lion well" in its middle.

Town hall
– building in Gothic Mudéjar style in the former jailhouse and justice palace.

More churches - San Pablo, San Andrés, Santa María del Alcázar, Santa Cruz, Convento de la Encarnación

More palaces - Casas Consistoriales Altas, La Alhóndiga, Palacio de Montemar

(35,700 inhabitants)

Plaza Vázquez de Molina – around the monumental square are located the most impressive buildings of the town such as:

Palacio de las Cadenas
– constructed during the 16th century by the architect Andrés de Vandelvira in his own Andalusian Renaissance style. The former convent is now the site of the town hall.

Santa María Church
– built above the ancient mosque. Mixture of different styles.

Salvador Chapel
- façade, sacristy and the interior rooms are considered famous works of the architect Andrés de Vandelvira.

San Pablo Church- Gothic Mudéjar church from the 14th century.

Many palaces – in the old part of the town, such as: Casa de los Salvajes, the palaces de la Vela de los Cobos, del Conde de Guadiana, de la calle Montiel, de la Rambla.

Hospital de Santiago – masterpiece of the Spanish Renaissance, also constructed by Vandelvira. Located outside the historic centre




Sierra Mágina Nature Park – approx. 45 kms/28 miles south of Úbeda. Information centre in Jódar (22 kms/14 miles).

Villacarillo – small village 32 kms/20 miles north. The church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción is an early work of the architect Vandelvira.

Sabiote –
another small village 9 kms/6 miles north of Úbeda. Monumental Gothic church and an ancient castle, also restored by Vandelvira.

Canena - 10 kms/7 miles northwest of Úbeda. Magnificent religious and civil architecture.

Tourist infrastructure


Tourist information
Baeza: Plaza del Pópulo
C/ Bajo del Marqués (Palacio
           Marqués de Contadero) 4


Traffic connections
National roads to Jaén, Bailén/Córdoba (freeway), Albacete

Together Baeza and Úbeda can master more than 20 Hotels and Hostels of different categories and prices.

Hotel check:  

Tapas bars
Baeza:  El Mercantil; Los Cerditos; Las Vegas; La Góndola; La Peña Flamenca; Guadalquivir; Tres Fuentes; Andrés; Checa
Úbeda: Rincón del Jamon; Zoraida; Zaita; Juan; Agustín; Josema y Anabel; La Peña del Barcelona; La Peña; Los Buñueleros


Vandelvira, C/San Francisco 4
La Góndola, C/Portales Carbonería 13
La Bodega, C/San Francisco 49
El Jardín, C/Dámaso Alonso 14
La Loma; on the road to Úbeda
Mesón Gabino, C/Fuente Seca
Mesón Pintor Orbaneja, C/Virgen de Guadelupe 4
El Gallo Roja, C/Manuel Barraca 3
El Marqués, Plaza Marqués de la Rambla 2


Baeza: around the Plaza de la Constitución and in C/San Pablo.
Typical: woodwork, leather goods
Úbeda: Plaza de Andalucía, along the streets Corredera de San Fernando, C/Mesones, C/Trinidad
Ceramics, ironwork, carpets



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