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Roman Heritage

Founded by the Carthaginians, Carmona ("Kar-Hammon") can be considered one of the oldest settlements of Andalusia. The Romans and later on the Moors made it into a political and economic center of their respective empires. Even after the Christians conquered it 1247 Carmona played an important role, to which the town center can testify.



- Carnival
- Feria in May
- Pilgrimage and
- Patron Saint
   Feast in Sept.



General information


Located on a low hill, Carmona overlooks the fertile plain of Campiña. 28,300 inhabitants (2009) live there just 30 kms/18 miles east of Seville on the main road to Córdoba. 

To visit


Puerta de Sevilla and Puerta de Córdoba – two gateways, part of the old town wall, mark the edge of the historic part of the town.

San Pedro church
– constructed during the 15th century and completed in the 18th with the construction of its Baroque tower.

San Felipe church
– typically Gothic Mudéjar style church.

Santa María la Mayor – worth mentioning in this Gothic church from the 15th century is the Renaissance altar with a representation of Mary, the city’s patron saint.

Convento de las Descalzas
– this monastery of the "barefooted sisters" as well as the nearby located Salvador church are fine examples of the Baroque.

Noble houses and mansions from the 17th and 18th century. can be seen in all places and squares of the old part of the town.

Alcázar de Arriba – located at the highest point of Carmona lies the "upper castle", today a Parador Hotel. Good overlooking point from which the hermitages Nuestra Señora de Gracia and San Mateo can be seen.

Roman Necropolis – the Roman ruins on a hill outside the village (900 tombs and the remains of an amphitheater) and the archaeological exhibits in the on-site museum still reflect the wealth of the antique "Carmo".



To the monumental cities of Seville (33 kms/20 miles west) and Córdoba (approx. 110 kms/70 miles northeast).

Also worth visiting are other villages of the Campiña (Marchena, Osuna, Écija, Arahal).

Guadalquivir river valley - 20 kms/13 miles north lies Alcolea del Río. From there one can follow the river up to Córdoba or visit the villages of the Sierra Norte (Cazalla de la Sierra, Constantina)

Tourist infrastructure


Tourist information
Plaza de Fernando
Arco de la Puerta de Sevilla


Traffic connections
International airport of Seville "San Pablo" 25 kms/15 miles west)
Motorway to Seville and Córdoba/Madrid;
National roads to the villages of the Campiña


Approx. 10 hotels and hostels of different categories and prices.

Hotel check:  

Tapa bars
Street C/Fuente and at the Plaza San Fernando
e.g.: El Bar Plaza; Méson del Arco; El Tapeo; El Mingalario; Ancá Carmela; El Goya

Casa Carmona, Plaza Lasso 1
Ancá Carmela, Plaza de Abastos
Comercio, C/Torre de Oro 56
Molino de la Romera (close to the Alcázar)
Mesón Almazara, C/Santa Ana 33
San Fernando, C/Sacramento 3
San Fernando, C/Sacramento 3



At the Plaza San Fernando
Confectionary and cakes can be bought in various "conventos".
Pottery, ceramics, embroidery

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